Meet the Midwife

Hello, and welcome to the website of Transitions Midwifery Services, LLC. My name is Brandy Brandfass; I am a South Carolina midwife licensed by the Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC), and am a registered nurse. I have three amazing children, Madeline, Abigail, and Robbie. I’ve been serving SC birthing families since 1995, with 11 years of Labor and Delivery nursing experience, a thorough apprenticeship, and have been licensed since 2007 as a midwife.   I live in Goose Creek, SC and am honored to serve women of South Carolina within an approximate 75 mile radius from my home.

My journey to midwifery started as a child. My mother taught Lamaze childbirth education classes, and I loved to browse through her materials, even before I could read.  I was (still am!) in awe of what our bodies could do.  I went to nursing school, with full intention of becoming a Certified Nurse Midwife.  After school, I started working in labor and delivery, where I gained over 11 years of experience in all levels of care, including very high risk.  But I was losing that awe I’d had as a child, until my first child was born in the hospital.

Then I realized, from a mother’s perspective, that the obstetrical model of care is all about the care provider and his or her fears, not about the birthing family.  I knew there had to be a better way.  Throughout my next pregnancy, I experienced true midwifery care and had a challenging but life-changing birth.  I realized that this is the way healthy women should bring forth their babies.  This is what I’d been searching to be a part of.   God opened doors for me to complete my midwifery education, and I feel so blessed to be serving the families that He sends to me for such a sacred event.

South Carolina midwives are required to take classes to certify in Neonatal (newborn) Resuscitation, and Adult CPR every two years.  SC midwives also must acquire a certain number of continuing education hours every 2 years to renew our licenses.  Throughout my nursing career, I have acquired several specialty certifications, including Advanced Fetal Monitoring, Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner, and Pediatric Forensic Nurse Examiner.  I now have a special interest in alternative healing modalities, including homeopathy and herbal remedies.

In August of 2008, I attained a nationally-recognized midwifery certification, Certified Professional Midwife (CPM). CPMs are skilled professionals who provide the Midwives Model of Care to women and families in a variety of settings, including birth centers, homes, and hospitals.  Preparation to become a CPM involves specialized, competency-based education programs and risk assessment training, that requires out-of-hospital clinical experience.  This is above and beyond what is required of South Carolina midwives, and I am happy to have worked hard to obtain this special certification.  Learn more about this national credential here.

May, 2011, I was elected President of the South Carolina Licensed Midwives Association (SCLMA).  I was honored to serve in this capacity, especially during a dynamic time in midwifery history in South Carolina for midwives, mothers, and babies!  

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